• A national survey commissioned by Coinbase suggests that 20% of US adults currently own crypto.
• 29% of U.S. adults plan to buy or trade crypto in the next 12 months.
• 80% of Americans think the global financial system unfairly favors powerful interests and 67% agree that the financial system needs major changes or a complete overhaul.

Crypto Survey Commissioned by Coinbase

A nationwide survey of 2,202 participants from the general population was conducted by Morning Consult from Feb. 10-14 to examine perceptions of the global financial system and how U.S. adults and cryptocurrency investors view the future of the crypto market and exchanges. The data were weighted to be representative of U.S. adults based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region.


The survey found that 80% of respondents believe the current financial system is unfair, with the overwhelming majority expressing frustration with the current financial system and a hunger for change. 20% of Americans currently own some type of cryptocurrency, and 29% are likely to buy or trade crypto in the next 12 months which translates to an estimate of approximately 52.3 million American adults owning crypto, with 75.5 million adults expected to trade crypto at least once in the coming year according to Coinbase’s website which has more than 110 million verified users today..

Coinbase Comments

Coinbase commented that “The vast majority of Americans want to see the financial system updated and they believe crypto can be a powerful part of the solution” despite tumultuous events in 2022 which has been historic high watermark for crypto ownership in America priorly reflecting optimism about its future potential as part of bringing about meaningful change for society as a whole .

Americans Views on Financial System

Americans expressed their views on how unfair they find current Global Financial System favoring powerful interests . Most Americans also indicated their need for change in this system with 67 % agreeing it should have major changes while 80 % believing it should be completely overhauled .


Overall ,the survey indicates that most Americans remain optimistic about future potentials Crypto currencies hold when it comes down bringing about meaningful changes within existing global finance System .