Digital Yuan Now on Wechat: Over 1B Users Can Pay With CBDC

• Wechat, the Chinese social media platform and instant messenger, has added support for the state-backed digital yuan in its payment app.
• Over a billion users will now be able to take advantage of fast payments with the e-CNY issued by the People’s Bank of China.
• This follows Alipay’s integration of payments with digital yuan back in December 2022.

Wechat Adds Support for Digital Yuan Payments

Chinese social media platform Wechat has introduced support for the state-backed digital yuan in its popular payment app. Over a billion users will now ostensibly be able to take advantage of fast payments with the digital currency issued by the People’s Bank of China.

Wechat Pay Follows Alipay

The largest Chinese social network and instant messenger, Wechat, has added China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) to its payment application, Wechat Pay, with its latest update. More than 1.2 billion users will have access to this feature and be able to make transactions up to 2,000 yuan per transaction (close to $290). There is also a daily limit of 5,000 yuan (a little over $700). The tech giant Tencent Holdings owns Wechat Pay making it second major payment system in China after Alibaba Group’s Alipay platform that integrated the e-CNY wallet back in December 2022.

Promotion Of Digital Currency By Chinese Government

The Chinese government has been actively promoting its digital currency with trials underway across more than two dozen cities and provinces involving more than 5.5 million participating merchants and other businesses. Data released at the end of last year showed that volume of e-CNY payments exceeded 13.5 billion yuan. However, in September there was a call from PBOC for deeper integration of its new currency with e-payment providers as results from trials had been disappointing so far concerning usage and activity levels.

Future Use Cases Planned For The Future

More use cases are planned for the future including direct transactions between Wechat users as well as launch of utility bill payments via widgets connected to e-CNY wallets and other services available on this platform for everyday use by consumers all over China where it is accepted as legal tender by merchants willing to accept it or who are required by law to do so depending on their type of business operations within certain jurisdictions inside this country’s borders..


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